Opening my son’s backpack when he gets home from school each weekday is often an adventure in itself. Loose papers, stuck together with excess glue that has leaked from the class craft project of the day, fall all around. Wrappers, jackets, and random items he has gotten from the class treasure box fill in the rest. I try my best to sort through the piles. Every so often, one catches my eye and goes into the “keep forever” box I… Read more »

Ever since its first journey down Main Street USA, I have longed to watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade. The one problem I had was that I have two little children, and the 3 o’clock parade time fell right in the middle of naps. Many meltdowns have proven the importance of nap time in our family, so we always made naps a priority, thus causing us to miss the parade.  This year, however, we had an early morning dining reservation… Read more »

Leaving Walt Disney World after a magical vacation is the worst, but when you ride an attraction, see a show or meet a character for the last time, it is even harder! This last trip, I was able to do a few things for the last time. Seems that has been a regular occurance at Walt Disney World lately (RIP Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, Maelstrom and Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show). So here is my farewell to… Read more »

One thing I hear over and over each and every day is, “Mom! Can you fix this?” It may be in regards to a broken toy, a shoe, an uncooperative button or any other number of random toddler issues. Most of the time I can fix it (or at least make it look like I did), or I tell them to wait until Daddy gets home, and life goes on until the next problem arises. But there are times when… Read more »

I have lots of favorite things, but Disney World and shopping are right at the top of my list! So it is no surprise that with each visit to the Walt Disney World Resort, I manage to sneak into as many shops as possible to find treasures to bring home. I did manage to control my spending a little better on this last trip, but I did find a few gadgets and gizmos aplenty to commemorate our trip. Here are… Read more »

As our most recent trip to Walt Disney World approached, we were able to leave a little earlier than first expected, so that meant we needed a room to stay in prior to checking in to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort for our Disney Vacation Club stay. Years ago we stayed in a Lion King Family Suite at Disney’s Art of Animation resort and loved it, but I had always wanted to stay in one of the Little Mermaid rooms there!… Read more »

Good morning fellow Mom. I watched you in the store this morning, shortly after 7:30 am, panicking. I heard you telling your three children to hurry and follow along or they would be late for school. I watched as you scanned the picked-over Valentine shelves, frantically searching for twenty five pre-made classroom Valentine’s Day gifts for today’s party but growled when the only remaining box had twenty four. I could hear the frustration and exhaustion in your voice as you… Read more »

Nothing warms my heart more than receiving handmade gifts from my children. It is truly amazing the feels I get from a scribbled on, rumpled piece of paper or a wilted flower picked from the backyard. When those little hands stretch out to hand me the chosen item, and I see the excitement and pride in their little eyes, I am filled with a warmth of love greater than any I have ever felt. This is truly one of the… Read more »

As I write this post, I am headed back from six wonderful nights at Walt Disney World. It amazes me how each trip is so uniquely different from the last and how I am so very downhearted every single time we leave. I won’t lie, I have spent a majority of our drive home pricing out a weekend getaway for later in the year!  Of all of the fun we have on our vacations (trip reports to come soon!), there… Read more »