Being a mom has its good days and bad days. Today was a mixture- some good moments, some not so good. My oldest son has always been an excellent eater. We have never had to trick him into eating healthy. He has always been one to pick fruit or veggies over candy, never wants soft drinks, eats all of his dinner so he can have dessert- in other words, amazing child! Then came our sweet princess, currently 2 years old… Read more »

Driving down Highway 90 in Biloxi, Mississippi, will take you by many casinos, restaurants, hotels, and tourist shops. Nestled amongst the busy area and directly across from the beach is Beauvoir, the last home of Jefferson Davis and Presidential Library. I have driven by this home many times in my life, but have never taken the time to tour it. So, after being trapped indoors with my children for several days due to rain, we escaped to Beauvoir for the day. The experience was… Read more »

Today has been a rainy day. The little ones are not getting along, we are trapped indoors, and we all need a fun diversion. Days like these make me want to get out of the house and do something fun. Since we aren’t able to do that, we do the next best thing. We make our own versions of our favorite treats from our favorite travel destination, Walt Disney World. We chose Mickey-shaped Rice Krispy Treats. It is fun to see the… Read more »

I was looking through some of my pictures from our last trip to Walt Disney World as I anxiously plan our next quick trip down to visit our favorite pal- Mickey Mouse! Though we are only doing Magic Kingdom on our next trip down (no worries, we are going back for a week next February to do it all again), I stumbled upon some photos and video of one of my most favorite sightings in all of Walt Disney World. When visiting Disney’s Animal… Read more »

I still find myself a little emotional after watching Pixar’s latest and greatest movie, Inside Out. Now I am a huge Pixar fan, but though I am partial to all Pixar movies, I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this! This movie is appealing for both children and grown ups, but in quite different ways. Without giving away plot details, I will say that as a grown up, and especially as a parent, Pixar knew how to tug at my heart… Read more »

I am so excited to go see Inside Out tomorrow! I am still kicking myself for not getting advance tickets to the early showing this past Tuesday. So in anticipation of seeing the movie, I realized that the creativity and quality of Pixar films has developed several expectations. Here are a few. 1. I expect an amazing storyline based on ideas that would normally not appeal to me. For example, UP. Now, the previews for this movie made me wonder… Read more »

Cookouts, vacations, sunshine….it’s sweet summertime! While summer is a favorite season for many, it can be brutal for those of us who live in the South. Not only do temperatures reach staggering heights, we have to deal with extreme humidity, which makes the air feel like a sweltering sauna most days. However, as most Southerners know, there are summer must-do’s that help us survive those super hot, sunny days. Here are a few. 1. You must find water. If you are… Read more »

It is our last day in the mountains! We started the day off with breakfast at Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen. What a wonderful meal! Really, I cannot express how delicious this breakfast tasted. The meal is served family style, which means your table receives several breakfast selections (served in Paula Deen casserole dishes of course!) and you serve yourself the amount of food you want. The servers are happy to refill your dishes if you need more. The Hashbrown Casserole… Read more »

Success! We finally had a great day! No injuries, no tantrums, no lost or forgotten items, no problems. We started our day at the Log Cabin Pancake House. Delicious! Yummy food served by the sweetest ladies ever. So good. Even Kelby ate most of her breakfast, and for those that know her and her picky eating ways, that is saying a lot. During breakfast the kids started to get a little antsy waiting for the food to come out. Instead… Read more »